Lyons-McFarland Takes Part in “Beyond Academic Writing” Panel Discussion


Date: Friday, October 7, 2016
Time: 3:00 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.

Location: Guilford Parlor 

Ph.D. student Michelle Lyons-McFarland will take part in a panel discussion on Friday, October 7, 2016 as part of the English Department’s colloquium series. Other participants are Lecturer Brad Ricca, Director of the Writing Resource Center Megan Jewell, and recent alumna Julia Bianco.

The panel considers the relation between academic writing and nonfiction writing aimed at a broader audience. Questions include: What motivates this kind of work? What is the relation between ‘public’ kinds of writing and writing destined for traditional academic venues? How do the skills required by this kind of writing differ or overlap with those required for academic writing? What are the professional upsides? Downsides? Should the profession value public writing more than it does? How should it be evaluated?