English Graduate Students Enjoy “Chili with the Deans”


Doctoral student Raymond Horton, president of the Graduate Council of the Arts and Sciences, joined Dean Cyrus Taylor at the student social.

In celebration of April’s national Graduate Student Appreciation Week, the College of Arts and Sciences recently hosted a lunchtime “Chili with the Deans” event, a casual gathering of CAS students—graduate and undergraduate—and academic deans. It took place on April 6, 2016 in Tomlinson Hall. GSAW recognizes graduate students’ intellectual, teaching and cultural contributions to the Case Western Reserve University community.

Several English graduate students enjoyed the event and appear in the College’s online photo album here.



Jess Slentz, Kristin Kondrlik, Ray Horton, Aaron Perine, Megan Weber, and Liz Elmore mingle.