Kristin Kondrlik, Michelle Lyons-McFarland, and Jess Slentz in “Composition Studies”


Congratulations to fourth-year Ph.D. student Kristin Kondrlik and third-year Ph.D. students Michelle Lyons-McFarland and Jess Slentz, who recently learned that their collaborative article “Spies Like Us: Breaking the Code” – on “gamifying” the composition classroom – has been accepted for publication in Composition Studies.

The article emerges from English 150 in Spring 2014, which they taught collaboratively with the support of a Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities Enriching Curricula Grant.

In publication since March 1972, Composition Studies holds the distinction of being the oldest independent journal in its field. Recognizing that the study of composition must embrace the practical and the intellectual, the pedagogical and the professional, its editors sought to establish CS as “a journal where both of these qualities of writing instruction—as a noble service and as an engaging intellectual activity—are exemplified and explored.”