Cammy Sray: WRC Excellence in Consulting Award


The WRC Excellence in Consulting Award recognizes outstanding writing instruction for students of the University and exemplary service to the Writing Resource Center during the academic year.

2014 WritingInstructionAwards

Writing Instruction Award Winners, 2014: Cammy Sray, Georgia Cowart (Professor of Music), Helen Salz (Professor of Genetics and Genome Science), with Cyrus Taylor (Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences)

This year, the winner is Cammy Sray, a first-year M.A. student and graduate teaching assistant in the English department.  While she has only been teaching writing through the WRC for two semesters, Sray has impressed her students and her colleagues with her care and attention to the writing process. In describing her tutoring style, she writes: “I try to foster an environment of trust that begins with first impressions….[and continues by] cultivating a conversation between two learners in the social act of writing.”

One of Sray’s students comments: “She is very responsible, always patient,” while another notes that she is not only “very nice and patient,” but is  “Always trying her best to help me with my papers and give me useful advice! She really does deserve the award! Best tutor ever! ”  Yet another refers to her as “the most excellent tutor in critical thinking and examining the writing process in the world.”

One student summed up the review committee’s evaluation quite well, writing: “Cammy was an excellent source of advice for learning how to better revise the specific essay I went over with her, but also in how to approach academic papers at this level. … That has helped me to change the way I look at writing.”